Our services

R2 Builders Inc. is a family owned and operated General Construction business, established in 2007 & serving South Florida. Founder Rodolfo Rodriguez have being in the construction industry well over 35 years. He is a former civil engineer with extensive concrete and reinforce concrete experience, he has been part of many world known building projects and developments in the Caribbean: BHD Bank Building, Panamerican Life Building, Citi Bank Building, Codetel Building, Gran Hotel Lina, the construction of the largest wheat and seed distribution and storage Silos center in the Antilles, state of the art facility located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and many others.  Worked as a principal for The European Economic Community in the development and construction of several agricultural water supply channels, bridges, aqueducts, road ways, and complete town infrastructures throughout the Dominican Republic.  R2 Builders, Inc.  Specialized in all Shell and Concrete work, (carpentry, framing, concrete forms, masonry, foundation, etc) new and existing buildings, residential and commercial.  R2 Builders Inc. is constantly raising the bar as the construction industries progresses and requires more business professional involvement in the actual demanding scenery.